Charge Air Cooler Tester

The Dura-Lite charge air cooler Tester-Kit contains all of the components required to check for leaks on almost any heavy duty truck CAC

Charge Air Cooler TesterIt's easy to test your Charge Air Cooler for leaks with the Dura-Lite charge air cooler Tester-Kit. This is an essential maintenance activity to make sure your charge air cooler is without leaks and your engine is performing well saving time and money within your business.

Lost power and wasted money are the penalties for having a leaking Charge Air Cooler. We estimate that with an average fuel cost of $1.99 per litre, the average individual truck could be losing around $17,000 per year. Depending on the number of trucks in your fleet, you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars each year.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Leaking Charge Air Cooler?

  • Fuel Consumption Increase
  • Engine Power Loss
  • Higher Levels Of Soot In Oil
  • Early Piston Ring And Valve Failure
  • Failed Turbocharger
  • Higher Coolant Temperatures
  • Failed Exhaust Manifold

CAC Tester-Kit

Thinking You Have A Leaking Charge Air Cooler?

Dura-Lite have been industry leaders for more than 30-years. We are passionate about building the best and most reliable products in the market today. That's why our Evolution® charge air cooler carries a 7-year, million mile guarantee.

Evolution®, What Makes It The Best?

  • Reduction of vehicle downtime
  • Unbeatable performance and durability due to Patented High-Temperature Silicone Grommet Tube-To-Header Sealing System
  • Less than 1% failure rate measured over 30-years
  • Premature failures avoided by using reinforced tanks
  • Engineered for economy, durability, longevity and performance
  • Consistent and continuous fuel economy

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