Freightliner Semi Truck Charge Air Coolers

Freightliner semi truck charge air coolerDura-Lite Freightliner semi truck charge air coolers are professionally engineered as a direct original equipment (OE) replacement. They meet or exceed original equipment (OE) heat transfer performance. Dura-Lite Freightliner semi truck charge air coolers are superior in quality and durability against other aftermarket and OE charge air coolers.

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Freightliner Models:

Freightliner 108SD
Freightliner 114SD
Freightliner 120SD
Freightliner 122SD
Freightliner 125SD
Freightliner Argosy
Freightliner C112
Freightliner C324SD
Freightliner CA125SLP
Freightliner Cab Over
Freightliner Cascadia Series
Freightliner Century Series
Freightliner Chieftan
Freightliner Classic Series

Freightliner Coe Series
Freightliner Columbia Series
Freightliner Conventional
Freightliner Coronado
Freightliner D2
Freightliner Discovery
Freightliner Evolution
Freightliner Excursion
Freightliner F2346
Freightliner FCCC
Freightliner Fedex Step Van
Freightliner Fire Truck
Freightliner FL Series
Freightliner FLA Series

Freightliner FLB Series
Freightliner FLC Series
Freightliner FLD Series
Freightliner FLN Series
Freightliner FLX
Freightliner Garbage Truck
Freightliner Ladder Truck
Freightliner LC
Freightliner M2 Series
Freightliner M80
Freightliner MB70
Freightliner Military
Freightliner Motorhome
Freightliner MT Series

Freightliner N60
Freightliner N65
Freightliner PX125064ST
Freightliner RE
Freightliner Reflection
Freightliner Refuse Truck
Freightliner Sanitation Truck
Freightliner School Bus
Freightliner Snow Plow
Freightliner Step Van
Freightliner UPS Step Van
Freightliner XL

What our customers say:

I have used Dura-Lite on past trucks. I just installed an Evolution US-CUSDAC-281F CAC on my 379 Peterbilt with a high HP Caterpillar engine. The exhaust gas temperature was lowered compared to the stock CAC. Great fitment, easy install, and very well built product!

John Dugan, Reel Time LLC

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