Peterbilt Semi Truck Radiators

Peterbilt Semi Truck RadiatorsDura-Lite Peterbilt semi truck radiators have a high efficiency core design and use heavy gauge reinforced tubes. We have added extra strength exactly where it's needed with extra deep crimp tabs and extra stainless steel outer crimp strips to reinforce applications that have a traditional style crimp design. Dura-Lite Peterbilt semi truck radiators have led the field for over three decades.

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Peterbilt Models:

Peterbilt 320
Peterbilt 330
Peterbilt 335
Peterbilt 337
Peterbilt 340
Peterbilt 348
Peterbilt 357
Peterbilt 359
Peterbilt 359 Series
Peterbilt 359K
Peterbilt 362
Peterbilt 365
Peterbilt 367

Peterbilt 375
Peterbilt 377
Peterbilt 377 Series
Peterbilt 377 SFFA
Peterbilt 378
Peterbilt 379
Peterbilt 379EX
Peterbilt 379EXH
Peterbilt 379EXHD
Peterbilt 379L
Peterbilt 379X
Peterbilt 382
Peterbilt 384

Peterbilt 385
Peterbilt 386
Peterbilt 387
Peterbilt 388
Peterbilt 389
Peterbilt 520
Peterbilt 567
Peterbilt 587
Peterbilt 587EXHD
Peterbilt Garbage Truck
Peterbilt Refuse Truck
Peterbilt Sanitation Truck

What our customers say:

I like your products; you need to push out more radiators for the same vehicles.

Royal Oilfield Services

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