DTK020 DTK020 Dura-Lite Canada Clamp Assembly (includes Plastic Washer Item # DTK061).
Dura-Lite™ Tester-Kit™ Component (1 Year Warranty)




Clamp Assembly (includes Plastic Washer Item # DTK061).

Product Option Descriptions

The Dura-Lite™ Tester-Kit™ is designed and manufactured to be used to pressure test charge air coolers safely and efficiently. The kit comes complete with everything required to pressure test most charge air coolers. With the Dura-Lite Tester-Kit, testing the charge air cooler will become as automatic as checking the oil and will give you confidence in knowing that an engine is performing at the required level

Plastic Washer (for use with Clamp Assembly Item # DTK020)

When replacing Plastic Washers, consider upgrading to a new Clamp Assembly (DTK020 - which includes Plastic Washer Item # DTK061)


Dura-Lite’s Tester-Kit components are warranted against defects for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.


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